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UK Loto results by email

The UK Loto is one of the richest lump sum cash lotteries in the world and can be played by anyone in the world.

You can apply online via a company called VWD who give free loto results by email. There is no charge for this service and you don't receive advertising from other companies. This service is highly recommended. I saves you having to search online for the loto results, but also means you are less likely to forget to check your numbers.

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You may also be interested to know how you can play the UK loto for FREE - visit our sister site, for full details.

The UK lotto was started in 1994 and in it's first 10 years had created over 1,500 millionaires. It is one of the most compelling lotteries on the planet, but the odds of winning are a collosal 14 million to 1. That is why we would not normally recommend people spend money on buying tickets. When we found out about a great opportunity to play this lottery for free, we though we had to let others know. See the link about for full details.

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